Download trial license key

What isĀ license key

The key comes in following format:


Each trial license key is valid for 14 days. It can be generated only once per user. Please do not abuse this rule.

Why do I need license key?

Serial key is required to unlock all features of our software. Each key will unlockĀ full version of application for 14 days. After this time you will be able to keep fully featured version working after purchasing a subscription within the app.

Where do I get the key?

Our users can download current valid keys directly from the application itself or from the README.txt file. Downloading the file is very easy and all you have to do is pass anti-spam verification (CAPTCHA).

Download trial license key

If both options fail you can use link below to get your key:

We had to introduce license due to rising popularity of this software. We cannot maintain it as freeware any longer, as the bandwidth costs are killing our wallets. However we do our best do keep spam bots away from our servers and pages. Thank you for understanding.