Today I was browsing Google Play store to find anime RPG games. I was lucky enough to find that BANDAI NAMCO managed to release Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Blazing fighting RPG. After installation of the game I noticed there are several in-app purchases such as buying ninja pearls or Ryo. Did they use Ultimate Ninja Blazing pearls hack?

I got owned by users of Ultimate Ninja Blazing hack

Unfortunately all of them are quite expensive for casual games like me. I decided to continue gaming on free account, but I kept losing by much stronger enemies. I was unable to defeat them as they probably had Ultimate Ninja Blazing god mode hack enabled. Their equipment was much better, looked out of the reach for free player like me. I’ve spoke with one of the users and they admitted to use Ultimate Ninja Blazing in-app purchases for free. They downloaded Ultimate Ninja Blazing pearls hack which had also option to be free Ultimate Ninja Blazing Ryo hack. I tried to download any of pearls hack for android, but in 2017 all the links has been deleted or didn’t work. Fortunately – I am not only a gamer, but also a good programmer.

Ultimate Ninja Blazing pearls hack

I finally got it working working, by using our Ultimate Ninja Blazing pearls hack you can get free in-app purchases. Just set it to 999,999 or whatever number you like.

Proof of pearls hack:

Ultimate Ninja Blazing free pearls hack

Ultimate Ninja Blazing Ryo hack

By using our Ultimate Ninja Blazing Ryo hack you can get the in-app Ryo purchase for free. I will show you how it works:

Feature 1: Ultimate Ninja Blazing Ryo hack

Ultimate Ninja Blazing God Mode hack online

This feature is absolutely fantastic. In newest version of software you are allowed to enable god mode in online battles!

The HP bar indicator will still go down on hits, however because of the cheat it will never go below zero. Therefore you are inmortal, a god. God mode!


Ultimate Ninja Blazing pearls hack



Download Ultimate Ninja Blazing hack no survey

Ultimate Ninja Blazing pearls hack download

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Virus Scan

Application should run on any Windows PC. If you have problems starting it you probably don’t have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 installed. You can download it directly from Microsoft website

4 thoughts on “Ultimate Ninja Blazing pearls hack god mode [Android/iOS]

  1. needed to install fromework 4.5 but it work good thank you!!! you are good can you make application for bloom td 5??

    1. Thanks for feedback. It depends how many users will be interested in this game.

  2. Works great… fu……….. me, too bad last week I’ve spent 40 bucks on in-app purchases.

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